Uploading photos of your home or your business is one of the most important parts of showcasing it for movies, commercials or photo shoots. People often overlook this part of the process and end up hurting their chances instead of helping them. “The goal is to have people come in and view the space in real life,” says John Porcheddu, a specialist in real estate photography for Gotham Photo Company. A professional isn’t cheap, but getting one can be important to make your property shine among others.

Some basic to-dos before taking pictures are making sure any unnecessary decorations (such as holiday decorations) are taken down, personal knick knacks and belongings are put away and anything that might hinder the overall photographs should be hidden. Follow these six tips for the optimal property photograph shoot:

Light Bulbs:
Make sure all lights are working beforehand, and ensure they all use the same bulb type. “Incandescent are yellow/orange, fluorescent are greenish, LED tends to be more blue,” Porcheddu notes. “Those differences are way more obvious in a photo and they look bad. The warmer tones of incandescent look best,” he adds. Follow Porcheddu’s advice for the best lighting in your pictures.

Porcheddu believes people enjoy seeing the bathroom area because a lot of money can be involved in the right bathroom, but it’s also a bad space for a photo shoot. The angles can be poor and few. If taking photos of the bathroom is an issue, but required, Porcheddu explains that it’s best to keep the bathroom at the edge of a picture.Cords:
Some photographers take the extra step to use Photoshop to hide electric codes, but others won’t, or may charge extra. Whatever the case, it’s best to disconnect and put away anything attached to a cord. If that isn’t an option, take cords and do your best to hide them behind the appliance.Window View:
Showing off your windows can be a vital part of the photo shoot. Don’t hide anything from potential buyers, even if the view is bad. “In fact, not showing a bad view will prompt a potential buyer to thinking the view is even worse than it is.” Avoid this by tucking away any window curtains in sight.

Professionals will often suggest painting your property white, decluttering objects and furniture, and removing any personal items before showing off your living area. However, this isn’t entirely the case. You want to leave as much as possible for the imaginations of potential buyers. Spark this imagination with colorful items such as prop bowls or plants that will compliment the overall quality of photos.

Camera Quality:
This is where most people fail. It’s extremely important to use a camera that will produce high quality photos. Some newer phones come equipped with cameras good enough for the task, but a modern camera may be required otherwise. A bad camera can produce dark, blurry photos that will turn away potential buyers.

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